Berkeley Ph.D. dissertations on American Indian languages and linguistics

Year Author Title Advisor
1905 Pliny Earle Goddard Morphology of the Hupa language [publication PDF] Benjamin Ide Wheeler
1932 Charles Voegelin A characterization of the Kern River Shoshonean language [publication PDF] A. L. Kroeber
1955 William Bright A grammar of the Karok language Mary Haas
1957 Sydney Lamb Mono grammar [PDF] Mary Haas
1959 Phillip Barker The Klamath language Mary Haas
1959 William Shipley Maidu grammar Mary Haas
1960 Sylvia Broadbent A grammar of Southern Sierra Miwok Mary Haas
1961 Robert Oswalt A Kashaya grammar (Southwestern Pomo) Mary Haas
1962 Wick Miller The Acoma language Mary Haas
1962 Karl Teeter The Wiyot language Mary Haas
1963 Catherine Callaghan A grammar of the Lake Miwok language [PDF] Mary Haas
1963 Terrence Kaufman Tzeltal grammar [PDF] William Shipley
1963 Esther Matteson The Piro (Arawak) language [PDF] Mary Haas
1963 Harvey Pitkin Wintu grammar [PDF] Mary Haas
1964 William Jacobsen A grammar of the Washo language [PDF] Mary Haas
1965 Haruo Aoki Nez Perce grammar [PDF] William Shipley
1965 Mary Foster The Tarascan language [PDF] Wallace Chafe
1966 James Crawford The Cocopa language [PDF] Mary Haas
1966 Margaret Langdon A grammar of Diegueño: The Mesa Grande dialect [PDF] Mary Haas
1966 Sally McLendon The Eastern Pomo language Mary Haas
1966 Shirley Silver The Shasta language [PDF] Mary Haas
1967 Russell Ultan Konkow grammar [PDF] Mary Haas
1968 Thomas Collord Yokuts grammar: Chukchansi [PDF] Terrence Kaufman
1968 Mary Marino A dictionary of Winnebago: An analysis and reference grammar of the Radin lexical file Dell Hymes
1969 Una Canger Analysis in outline of Mam, a Mayan language [PDF] Francis Whitfield
1969 David Rood A Wichita grammar: A generative semantic sketch Wallace Chafe
1969 Brian Stross Aspects of language acquisition by Tzeltal children Brent Berlin
1969 Allan Taylor A grammar of Blackfoot [PDF] Mary Haas
1970 Victor Golla Hupa grammar [PDF] Mary Haas
1970 Julius Moshinsky Southeastern Pomo grammar [PDF] Mary Haas
1970 Alva Wheeler A grammar of the Siona language, Colombia, South America [PDF] Terrence Kaufman
1971 Victor Girard Proto-Carib phonology Wallace Chafe
1971 Robert Hollow A Mandan dictionary
1971 Mauricio Mixco Kiliwa grammar Mary Haas
1972 Richard Applegate Ineseno Chumash grammar [PDF] Madison Beeler
1972 Douglas Parks A grammar of Pawnee Mary Haas
1972 Bruce Pearson A grammar of Delaware: Semantics, morpho-syntax, lexicon, phonology Mary Haas
1972 Leonard Talmy Semantic structures in English and Atsugewi [PDF] William Wang
1974 Michael Nichols Northern Paiute historical grammar [PDF] Mary Haas
1975 Geoffrey Gamble Wikchumni grammar Mary Haas
1977 Joseph Davidson A contrastive study of the grammatical structures of Aymara and Cuzco Kechua Mary Haas
1977 Brent Galloway A grammar of Chilliwack Halkomelem [PDF] Mary Haas
1977 Kathryn Klar Topics in historical Chumash grammar [PDF] Madison Beeler
1977 Marc Okrand Mutsun grammar [PDF] Mary Haas
1977 Robert Van Valin Aspects of Lakhota syntax [PDF] Wallace Chafe
1978 Jean-Pierre Beland Atikamekw morphology and lexicon [PDF] Mary Haas
1980 Kenneth Whistler Proto-Wintun kin classification: A case study in reconstruction of a complex semantic system [PDF] Mary Haas
1981 Anthony Woodbury Study of the Chevak dialect of Central Yup'ik Eskimo [PDF] Mary Haas
1981 Jon Dayley Tzutujil grammar [PDF] Wallace Chafe
1981 John Du Bois The Sacapultec language [PDF] Wallace Chafe
1982 David Shaul A grammar of Nevome [PDF] Jesse Sawyer
1983 Alan Shaterian Phonology and dictionary of Yavapai [PDF] Leanne Hinton
1985 Alice Shepherd The Yukian language family [PDF] Wallace Chafe
1986 Amy Dahlstrom Plains Cree morphosyntax [PDF] Wallace Chafe
1987 Monica Macaulay Morphology and cliticization in Chalcatongo Mixtec [PDF] Leanne Hinton
1987 Mary Catherine O'Connor Topics in Northern Pomo grammar [PDF] Charles Fillmore
1987 Katherine Turner Aspects of Salinan grammar [PDF] Wallace Chafe
1988 Thomas Larsen Manifestations of ergativity in Quiché grammar [PDF] Wallace Chafe
1988 Martha Macri A descriptive grammar of Palenque Mayan [PDF] Leanne Hinton
1988 James Watters Topics in Tepehua grammar [PDF] Charles Fillmore and Robert Van Valin
1991 Herbert Luthin Restoring the voice in Yanan traditional narrative: Prosody, performance and presentational form Leanne Hinton
1991 Lawrence Morgan Description of the Kutenai language [PDF] Leanne Hinton
1991 Stephen Wilson Patterns of change in prosodic systems [PDF] Gary Holland
1992 Eugene Buckley Theoretical aspects of Kashaya phonology and morphology [PDF] Larry Hyman
1994 David Costa The Miami-Illinois language [publication link] Richard Rhodes
1997 Anna Berge Topic and discourse structure in West Greenlandic agreement constructions [PDF] Richard Rhodes
1999 Jocelyn Ahlers Proposal for the use of cognitive linguistics in Hupa language revitalization [PDF] Eve Sweetser
2002 Brian Bielenberg "Who will sing the songs?" Language renewal among Puebloan adolescents Lily Wong Fillmore
2003 Laura Buszard-Welcher Constructional polysemy and mental spaces in Potawatomi discourse [PDF] Richard Rhodes
2003 Mary Romero Perpetuating the Cochiti way of life: A study of child socialization and language shift in a Pueblo community Lily Wong Fillmore
2004 Rosemary Beam de Azcona A Coatlán-Loxicha Zapotec grammar [PDF] Leanne Hinton
2004 Lisa Conathan The linguistic ecology of Northwestern California: Contact, functional convergence and dialectology [PDF] Andrew Garrett
2004 Christine Sims Maintaining an oral language tradition: A study of language maintenance in the Acoma Pueblo community Lily Wong Fillmore and Leanne Hinton
2005 William Weigel Yowlumne in the twentieth century [PDF] Leanne Hinton
2007 Wesley Leonard Miami language reclamation in the home: A case study [PDF] Leanne Hinton
2007 Esther Wood The semantic typology of pluractionality [PDF] Andrew Garrett
2008 Gabriela Caballero Choguita Rarámuri (Tarahumara) phonology and morphology [PDF] Andrew Garrett
2008 Cheryl Crawley Cultures out of sync: Bilingual education on the Crow Indian Reservation Stanley Brandes
2008 Christian DiCanio The phonetics and phonology of San Martín Itunyoso Trique [PDF] Keith Johnson
2008 Yuni Kim Topics in the phonology and morphology of San Francisco del Mar Huave [PDF] Sharon Inkelas
2009 Teresa McFarland The phonology and morphology of Filomeno Mata Totonac [PDF] Sharon Inkelas
2010 Erin Haynes Phonetic and phonological acquisition in endangered languages learned by adults: A case study of Numu (Oregon Northern Paiute) [PDF] Alice Gaby and Leanne Hinton
2012 Ramón Escamilla, Jr. An updated typology of causative constructions: Form-function mappings in Hupa (California Athabaskan), Chungli Ao (Tibeto-Burman) and beyond [PDF] Eve Sweetser
2012 Hannah Haynie Studies in the history and geography of California languages [PDF] Andrew Garrett
2013 Justin Spence Language Change, Contact, and Koineization in Pacific Coast Athabaskan [PDF] Andrew Garrett
2014 John Sylak-Glassman Deriving Natural Classes: The Phonology and Typology of Post-Velar Consonants [PDF] Sharon Inkelas
2015 Stephanie Farmer Establishing Reference in Máíhɨ̃ki [PDF] Lev Michael
2017 Clare Sandy Prosodic Prominence in Karuk [PDF] Andrew Garrett and Sharon Inkelas
2017 Kayla Begay Wailaki Grammar [PDF] Andrew Garrett and Justin Spence
2017 Katherine Sardinha The Semantics of Kʷak̓ʷala Object Case [PDF] Line Mikkelsen
2018 Tammy Stark Caribbean Northern Arawak Person Marking and Alignment: a Comparative and Diachronic Analysis [PDF] Lev Michael and Line Mikkelsen

We acknowledge with respect the Ohlone people on whose traditional, ancestral, and unceded land we work and whose historical relationships with that land continue to this day.