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Cree Linguistic Materials

Collection number: SCL 2018-09
Contributors:  C. Douglas Ellis (researcher, author), Mary R. Haas (researcher), Florence Angeconeb (illustrator, author), Amy Dahlstrom (donor), Marianne Mithun (researcher), Kā-kīsikāw-pīhtokе̄w (speaker, author), Monica I. Brown (consultant), David Pentland (author), Karl V. Teeter (donor)
Dates: 1970-1980s
Catalog history: Includes items formerly catalogued as Ellis.001 and LL.003
Historical information: This collection consists of items of different provenance. The audio recording (cassette) and Cree-English file slips were produced as part of Marianne Mithun's research program with Monica I. Brown; the English-Cree file slips were produced as part of Mary Haas's, and drawn from the work of C. Douglas Ellis. All three objects were given by Mary Haas to Amy Dahlstrom when the latter was a graduate student in the Department of Linguistics (UC Berkeley). With that in mind, we incorporate Ellis's description of verbal morphology in different Cree dialects, as well as pedagogical materials written by David Pentland and Florence Angeconeb, both of which were formerly catalogued under "Miscellaneous Papers from the Survey of California and Other Indian Languages."
Scope and content: Audio recording of words, phrases, and short monologic texts; two boxes of file slips, Cree-English and English-Cree; morphological description; pedagogical materials
Repository: Survey of California and Other Indian Languages
Preferred citation: Cree Linguistic Materials, SCL 2018-09, Survey of California and Other Indian Languages, University of California, Berkeley,