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Laura Buszard-Welcher Papers on the Potawatomi language

Collection number: SCL Welcher
Primary contributor:  Laura Buszard-Welcher (researcher)
Additional contributors:  Billy Daniels Jr. (consultant), Walter Cooper (consultant), Lorenzo (consultant), Suzanne (researcher), Paolo Villada (author), Charles Hockett (researcher), Herb Luthin (researcher), Frank Nioce (consultant), Alberta Marshno (consultant), Lu Ellis (consultant, author), Cardinal Louis Billot S.J. (author), Jim Alloway (consultant), Tom Wabnum (consultant), Maggie Stevens (consultant), Rev. F. Shoenmaker S.J. (author), Christian Hoecken (author, translator), Richard Rhodes (researcher), Jim Spear (consultant), Gary Mitchell (author), Mary Daniels (author, consultant), Maude Kegg (consultant), Billy Daniels (author, consultant), Chas N. Handy (researcher), Mary George (consultant), Rev. Georges P. Mathieu (translator), Alice Spear (consultant), I.V.B. Johnson (author), Orlando (Mazhi) Green (consultant), Mary Wensaut (consultant), David J. Costa (researcher), Bud Onzuway (consultant), Jacob Dunn (researcher), Count Volney (researcher), Meeks (consultant), Jim Thunder Sr. (author, consultant), Rev. Maurice Gailland S.J. (author), J.-B. Terrien S.J. (author), Arthur BIlls (consultant), Sarah Patterson (consultant), J Bendix (consultant), Nora Stoney (consultant), John Nicholas (editor), Dorothy Lonelodge (consultant), Don Perrote (consultant), Johnston Lykins (translator), Tony Lavier (consultant), BIll Battese (consultant), Ruby Shuckahosee (consultant), Laura Buszard-Welcher (author, annotator, collector), Earl Nyholm (consultant), Jane Pukkee (consultant), Mabel Deverney (author, consultant), Norman (researcher)
Scope and content: The collection is organized into three series, which reflect the major types of materials in the collection. Series 1 contains grammatical and lexical notes on Potawatomi, along with field notes from Laura Welcher. Series 2 contains materials related to the work of Charles Hockett including field notes, lexical file slips, and texts. Series 3 contains a variety of materials collected by Laura Welcher, including field notes, educational materials, and historical documents relating to the Potawatomi language.
Repository: Survey of California and Other Indian Languages
Preferred citation: Laura Buszard-Welcher Papers on the Potawatomi language, SCL Welcher, Survey of California and Other Indian Languages, University of California, Berkeley,
Associated materials: Recordings of Potawatomi can be found in the Potawatomi audio recordings (LA 185).