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Survey of California and Other Indian Languages Map Collection

Collection number: SCL Maps
Contributors:  Florence Voegelin (compiler), Gordon Willey (consultant), Laura Pritchard (compiler), Gene Stuart (author), Richard Darley (researcher, editor), J Westfall (illustrator), Harold Driver (compiler), Timothy Carter (compiler), John Shupe (editor), John Goetz (researcher), Mary R. Haas (annotator), Betsy Clark (researcher), Erminie Voegelin (compiler), John Cooper (compiler), David Jeffery (author), John Dorr (compiler), J Bendix (compiler), Elizabeth Bruner (author, researcher), William Sturtevant (consultant, compiler), Claude Schaeffer (compiler), Jan Holderness (researcher), Rosemary Beam de Azcona (compiler), Roland Burrage Dixon (researcher), Norman McQuown (compiler), William Massey (compiler), Juan Valdés (compiler), Cameron Suttles (compiler), Carolyn Anderson (author, researcher), James M. Kari (compiler), Lloyd Townsend (illustrator), M Wixman (illustrator), Dorothy Rainier (compiler), John Reed Swanton (researcher), Edward Sapir (researcher), anonymous (illustrator, compiler), Sherry Wolf (illustrator), Ives Goddard (researcher), Cliff Tarpy (author), A.L. Kroeber (researcher, compiler), Geoffrey O'Grady (compiler), Robert Carneiro (consultant), Sol Tax (researcher), Paul Kirchoff (compiler), Leslie Spier (compiler), George Stuart (illustrator), Barbara McConnell (researcher), Stephen Wurm (compiler), Samuel Stanley (compiler), William Crocker (consultant), Carol Bittig (researcher), William Shipley (researcher), Christopher Klein (illustrator), Robert Watt (illustrator), Robert Thomas (compiler), Elmer Miller (consultant), Michael E. Krauss (compiler), Geoffrey Conrad (consultant), Charles Voegelin (compiler), Tibor Toth (illustrator), Kenneth Hale (compiler), Lázaro Díaz Pacheco (compiler), William Peele (editor), Bruce MacLachlan (compiler), Betty Meggers (consultant), Robert Northrop (illustrator), David Cook (editor), Myron Rosenberg (compiler)
Dates: 1925 - 2002
Extent: 10.33 cubic feet (35 boxes)
Scope and content: The Survey of California and Other Indian Languages Map Collection includes a variety of maps showing the boundaries of indigenous languages and groups as well as settlement locations. Included are some of the classic maps from the Bureau of American Ethnology Bulletin 78 by Alfred Kroeber.
Repository: Survey of California and Other Indian Languages
Preferred citation: Survey of California and Other Indian Languages Map Collection, SCL Maps, Survey of California and Other Indian Languages, University of California, Berkeley,