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Miscellaneous papers from the Survey of California and Other Indian Languages

Collection number: SCL MISC
Contributors:  Albert S. Gatschet (researcher), H.S. Alfred (consultant), John Knight (consultant), Eun Joo Kim (researcher), Coquille Thompson (consultant), Jane Flippo (consultant), A.H. Timberlake (author), David Olmsted (researcher, author), T. Proctor (consultant), Charley Williams (consultant), Mrs. H.S. Alfred (consultant), Orin Gensler (researcher), Stephen Knight (consultant), Ricardo Lezama (researcher), Soloman (speaker), Marlys Wendell (author), Robert L. Oswalt (donor), Celso Flores (consultant), Arthur E. Ralford (consultant), Bill McDaniels (consultant), Donald Baker (researcher), Zuzana Cengerova (researcher), Baldwin Fairchild (consultant), George Gibbs (researcher, collector, author), Douglas R. Parks (researcher), P. Ralford (consultant), Redwood Henry (consultant), Manuel Jose Andrade (researcher), Selena LaMarr (consultant), Hyejin Nah (researcher), Smith River John (consultant), Jules Gillieron (researcher), Erin Forrest (consultant), Mary Paster (researcher), Billy Daniels (consultant), American Philosophical Society (researcher), George Lamb (consultant), Bruno Olsson (researcher), Alexander S. Hamilton (researcher), María de los Angeles Colós (consultant), Victor Golla (annotator, author, researcher), Nancy Raven (consultant), Scott Patterson (researcher), Francisco John (consultant), Jimmy Jensan (consultant), anonymous (collector, transcriber, compiler, researcher), Nadlon Lamb (consultant), Bill Wilson (consultant), Olivia N. Sammons (researcher), Lt. George Crook (researcher), D.A. Good (researcher), Aspasakam (consultant), Bruce L. Pearson (researcher), Bill Taylor (consultant), Matthias Urban (researcher), A.C. Anderson (researcher, annotator), José Guzman (consultant), G.H. Gould (researcher), Rosie Fred (consultant), Kitty Jensan (consultant), John Sylak-Glassman (researcher), Maggie Woho (consultant), Oliviana Zakaria (researcher), William Babcock Hazen (researcher), Anthony P. Grant (researcher), Fr. Francisco Antonio Barbastro (researcher), Archie Phinney (researcher), Alice Spott (consultant), Dorothy Shepherd (consultant), Ima Bahnsen (consultant), Josephine Wolfin (consultant), Geoffrey Gamble (author), G.H. Abbott (researcher), Jacques Gravier (researcher), Peggy Leaf (consultant), A.L. Pinart (researcher), Georgia Orchid (consultant), Muhammad Abd-al-Rahman Barker (researcher), Michael Thompson (consultant), Billy Werk (consultant), Mary L. Foster (author), John J. Milhau (researcher), George Grekoff (researcher), Lucy Leo (consultant), William Freeman (consultant), Bill Merritt (consultant), John Wesley Powell (researcher), Aspa Sakam (consultant), Christine Edgar (consultant), Fred Yelkes (consultant), Kathryn A. Klar (author), Francis Joseph (Moondancer) O'Brien Jr. (author), Joseph Evans Grimes (researcher), Grace Barnes (consultant), Stephen Powers (researcher), Jimmy Jack (consultant), John R. Bartlett (researcher), Salvador (consultant), Julianne (Strong Woman) Jennings (author), Diane Guilfoy (researcher), Sam Batwi (consultant), Richard Lewis (consultant), William Preston (researcher), Burt Bascom (researcher), Clifford Salvador (consultant), Guy Tyler (researcher), Helene Boas Yampolsky (editor), Wallace Pyawasit (author), Mary R. Haas (speaker, author, researcher), Jasper Bell (consultant), Paul Proulx (researcher), Rosemary Beam de Azcona (researcher), Martin Sam (consultant), Fran Tate (consultant), Maria Agustina Garcia Cortes (consultant), Margaret Richmond (author), Ned Belles (consultant), Paul Radin (researcher), Sargent Sambo (speaker), Rafael Cortes Vasquez (consultant), Merceline Sanapaw (author), Dewey George (consultant), Madison Beeler (researcher), Angela Santiago Juarez (consultant), Gene Hammel (researcher), Joe Benton (researcher), George (consultant), Mrs. Levas (speaker), K.J. Crowe (author), John Peabody Harrington (researcher), Dandy Bill (consultant), Mrs. Sara Jane Gonzales (consultant), Laszlo Szabo (author), Bruce Rigsby (researcher), Howard Berman (researcher), Leslie N. Sanchee (consultant), Robert M. Leavitt (author), Alfred S. Hayes (researcher), Lloyd Leland (author), Victor Riste (researcher), Francis Berton (researcher), Joseph Ryus (compiler, researcher), Garland Blaine (consultant), Jeff Leer (compiler), Lt. Heintzelmann (researcher), Julia Starritt (speaker), John Ritter (researcher), Kaj Birket-Smith (researcher), José Santos Velásquez (consultant), Willis E. Everette (researcher), Harden Sylestine (consultant), Matt Vera (author), Henry W. Henshaw (researcher), Ramsey Blake (consultant), Sergio Méndez (consultant), Emily Gordon (speaker), Edward Sapir (researcher, consultant), R. H. (Robert Henry) Robins (researcher), Violet Super (consultant), E. Gouge (consultant), Ursula McConnel (researcher), Carrie Bluejacket (consultant), Taylor Postoak (consultant), Marian Makpin (consultant), Clara Wix (speaker), Agnes Vera (author), Madeline Davis (consultant), Franz Boas (researcher), Mrs. E. Gouge (consultant), Nannie Scott (consultant), Johnny Pepper (consultant), Tom Many Guns (consultant), Chas. Coachman (consultant), Mamie Boland (consultant), Donna Britton (author), Minnie Scovel (consultant), Grace Davis (consultant), Jesse O. Sawyer (author, researcher), Dora Davis (consultant), Günter Wagner (researcher), Fred Marcos (consultant), Leanne Hinton (donor, interviewer), Billy Bowlegs (consultant), Kumaraswami Raja (researcher), Linda McLane (author), Julian Lang (consultant), William Bright (researcher), Alice Shepherd (author, donor), William Strong (consultant), Charles Hockett (researcher), Harvey Pitkin (transcriber), Molly Brainerd (consultant), Francis T. Haggadorn (researcher), Pat Wenger (author), Madge Schwede (researcher), Florence Shaughnessy (consultant), Susan Britsch (researcher), Frank Gray (consultant), Government George (consultant), Janetta Walker (consultant), Christian Hoecken (translator), Sadie Marsh (consultant), Kathy LeBlanc (author), George R. Bissell (researcher), Hansjakob Seiler (researcher), Adam Grayson (consultant), Reuben Shoulder (consultant), Jake Orton (consultant), Mekko Lewis (consultant), J.W. Hudson (researcher), T. Marshall (consultant), W.L. Marsden (editor, creator, researcher), W.H. Barnhardt (researcher), David Leedom Shaul (researcher), H.B. Brown (researcher), Nettie Reuben (consultant), William Simpson (consultant), Bruce Husband (researcher), Jim Brown (consultant), August Valentine Kautz (researcher), Laura Buszard-Welcher (transcriber, collector, donor), George C. Shaw (researcher), Carrie Roberts (consultant), Lucia Sisco (consultant), Tatelatun (consultant), Melville Jacobs (researcher), James Mooney (annotator), William Shipley (researcher), Nicolas Sisco (consultant), Alex Catfish (consultant), F.L.O. Roehrig (compiler), Randy Bouchard (author, researcher), Don Pascual Cortes Lopez (consultant), Nancy Sky (consultant), Catherine A. Callaghan (researcher, author, compiler), Shirley Silver (author), Charles Shellhead (consultant), Terrence Kaufman (researcher), Joseph Brunell (consultant), Dorothy I. D. Kennedy (author), Jose Santiago Francisco (consultant), Lorenzo Hubbard (researcher), Roderick Jacobs (author, researcher), Roy Siniard (researcher), Elliott Canonge (researcher), Willie Haney (consultant), Ascención Solórsano (consultant), Dan Jordan (consultant), Nancy J. Turner (author), William Bruner (consultant), Miguel Jeronimo Laureano (consultant), August Hanson (consultant), Eneati (consultant), Oscar McDaniel (consultant), Les Peterson (researcher, author), Pedro Vasquez Vasquez (consultant), Richard Stanley (researcher), Laura Somersal (consultant), Serena Chow (researcher), Chester Pepper (consultant), Julia Hanson (consultant), Joseph Gray (consultant), Terry J. Klokeid (researcher), Hilabi Bullet (consultant), Yuni Kim (researcher), Juan Cortes Garcia (consultant), Margarida Salomao (author), Achora Hanyava (consultant), Speck (consultant), Henry Clay (consultant), Frank T. Siebert Jr. (author), Marco Antonio Garcia Cabrera (consultant), Morris Swadesh (author, researcher), Captain Spott (consultant), Depot Charley (consultant), Irene Butterfly (consultant), A.L. Kroeber (annotator, researcher), David McClintock Grubb (author), Manuel Vasquez Santiago (consultant), John Reed Swanton (researcher), Larry Hyman (interviewer), Hattie Christie (consultant), Robert Spott (consultant), Jake Rooney (consultant), Howard Collard (researcher), Gordon Francis (consultant), Rocio Vasquez Marquez (consultant), Dan Hill (consultant), Nancy Stand (consultant), Larkey Logan (consultant), James Mack Crawford Jr. (author), Jim Calico (consultant), Skye Mitchell (consultant), Kenneth Hale (translator), Luis Garcia Garcia (consultant), Margaret Langdon (researcher), Jim Hill (consultant), Dorothy Stanley (consultant), Norman Strong (consultant), Judith G. Crawford (author), Allan R. Taylor (author, researcher), Willard Walker (author), Alberto Mosoline Mogica (consultant), Frank Latta (researcher), Tom Hill (consultant), D. Starr (consultant), Alex Ross (consultant), Don Crook (researcher), Karl V. Teeter (author, compiler, annotator, researcher, donor), Liberato Mosoline Mogica (consultant), Pedro Monjarás (consultant), Monte Dean Espinoza (author, researcher), Jean Baptiste LeBoulanger (researcher), Sandra Thompson (researcher), Alec Sulphur (consultant), Shem Lafayette (consultant), Philip John Greenfeld (author), Coca Cross (researcher), Rusber Tangoa Ríos (consultant), Steve Emanuels (donor), Dorothy Lee (researcher), Pedro Cawewas (consultant), Alfred M. Tozzer (researcher), Andrew Garrett (interviewer), Fannie Sulphur (consultant), James Warner Sr. (consultant), Jeremiah Curtin (researcher), Suzanne Moore Holder (consultant), Charles Li (researcher), Lucy Montgomery (consultant), Frank Muree (consultant), Thomas Talbot Waterman (author, researcher), Bebo Chaska (consultant), Philip Lesourd (consultant), Richard Rhodes (interviewer), Joseph Orville Davidson Jr. (researcher), Dollie Moore (consultant), Fanny Brown (consultant), Lise Menn (donor), Brent Berlin (researcher), Florence Chaska (consultant), Donald Ultan (researcher), Peter Paul (consultant), Murray B. Emeneau (speaker), John H. Davis (researcher), Fred Wix (speaker), Luc Bouquiaux (researcher), Mrs. C.A. Linberg (researcher), Chiyerekavasuk (consultant), Ishi (consultant), Jon P. Dayley (researcher), Russell Ultan (author, researcher), Irene Clark (consultant), Chino Naredo (consultant), Jacqueline M.C. Thomas (researcher), Hugh Littlejohn (researcher), Dr. Platon M.G. Vallejo (researcher), Anna Harnois (consultant), Jaime de Angulo (researcher), Frances Jack (consultant), Robert F. Heizer (researcher), Oscar Loew (researcher), Gilbert Natchez (consultant, author), Dale Valory (researcher), Phillip Eichorn (author), Haynes Bateman (speaker), Alejandro de Ávila (researcher), Ollie Tanyan (consultant), Judson Dwight (J.D.) Collins (consultant), Alonzo Moss (author), Herb Luthin (researcher), Jo Nelson (consultant), H.V. Velton (researcher), Janet L. Warne (author), Maria Teresa Fernandez de Miranda (researcher), Wesley Tanyan (consultant), Zdenek Salzmann (researcher), Daniel Cook (consultant), Sally Noble (consultant), Lupi Tapia (consultant), E.T. Adne (author), Florence Payoli (consultant), Felipe Arroyo de la Cuesta (researcher), Eero Vihman (transcriber), Croft (consultant), Ben Friday Sr. (author), J. Alden Mason (researcher), Rosinda Nolasquez (consultant), Charles Voegelin (researcher), Mary W. Toynbee (author), Thomas L. Collord (author), Frederica de Laguna (researcher), Albert Thomas (consultant), Ella Norris (consultant), William J. O'Hair (editor, translator), Madeleine Mathiot (researcher), Jenny Curl (consultant), Lisa Enos (translator, editor), John Dedrick (researcher), K.H. von Gursky (researcher), Daniel Winocour (author), Andrew Cowell (author), Teresa McFarland (donor, researcher), Lázaro Díaz Pacheco (researcher, translator, consultant), Henry North (consultant), Suzanne M. Wash (researcher), Melba Rakow (consultant), John Thompson (consultant), Lone Takeuchi (author), Frank Daugherty (consultant), David A. Francis (author), Sally McLendon (author, researcher), Captain Dave Numana (consultant), William F. Weigel (researcher), Kevin Jones (illustrator), Roland Burrage Dixon (researcher), Pekwon Jim (consultant), Karen M. Booker (transcriber, author), Robert Pennell (donor), C. Hart Merriam (researcher), Mary J. Yee (consultant), Hattie Oach (consultant), Jim Spear (consultant), BillyHawk Enos (illustrator), James Owen Dorsey (researcher, annotator), Lt. Whipple (researcher), Margaret Hoffmann (author), Old Man Dude (consultant), Alice Spear (consultant), Mauricio Sandoval (illustrator), Jacob Dunn (researcher), Kenneth W. Whistler (author, researcher), John Toney (consultant), Alva Wheeler (author), T. Michelson (researcher, annotator), Doctor of Pekwon (consultant), Ned Jackson (consultant, speaker), Allen White (researcher), Mrs. Santa Tovar (consultant), Charles Munroe (illustrator), Martin Durald (researcher), Alan Shaterian (author), Miguel Santiago Francisco (consultant), Wick R. Miller (researcher), Santiago Ortiz (consultant), Linnie Marsh Wolfe (researcher), Jonathan Ekstrom (researcher), Jane Sokolow (author), Isaias Lopez Garcia (consultant), Randall Milliken (researcher), Domingo (consultant), William Mitchum (consultant), Ruth Wood (researcher), Regina Lopez Jeronimo (consultant), James Fidelholtz (author), Frank Douglas (consultant), Mauricio J. Mixco (researcher), Stephen Parish (consultant), Richard B. Applegate (researcher), Lena Johnson (consultant), William Elmendorf (author, researcher), Josefa Velasquez (consultant), Joan R. Scheffreen (author), Manuela Santiago Gaona (consultant), John M. Francis (author), Edmundo Palomec Hernández (consultant), Fr. Encinas (researcher), Lo-leet Johnson (consultant), June Rumery (author), Domingo Marquez Andres (consultant), Susumu Kuno (author), Paskofa (consultant), Anastasia de Majel (consultant), Leo Joachim Frachtenberg (researcher), John Ned Jones (consultant), Duane Metzger (author), Conception Francisco Marquez (consultant), Michael Silverstein (author), Julius Moshinsky (author, researcher), Harry Pastian (consultant), Arthur Harrington (recorder), William Joseph (consultant), Donald Frantz (researcher), John Abel (consultant), Takatsugu Oyakawa (author), Josefa Santiago Ramos (consultant), Colusio Esteban (consultant), Marianne Mithun (researcher, author), Benigro Robles Reyo (recorder), Mabel Walloupe (consultant), L.S. Freeland (editor, researcher), Anita Silva (consultant), Lucas Marquez Lopez (consultant), Ives Goddard (author), Pamela Munro (researcher), Peter Ewing (consultant), Michael Galant (researcher), A-he-ba-tu (consultant), Effie Kelsey (consultant), Yen-ling Chen (researcher), Luz Laureano Marquez (consultant), Robin T. Lakoff (author), Bruce E. Nevin (researcher, compiler), Hieronymo Peraza (consultant), Brent Galloway (researcher), John Albert (consultant), John Kelsey (consultant), Roey Gafter (researcher), Antonio Laureano Jeronimo (consultant), Katherine Turner (researcher, donor), Jeffrey Heath (author), Stanley Newman (researcher), Homer Barnett (researcher), Sam Watt (consultant), J.P. Garvin (researcher), Saxey Kidd (consultant), Patrick Hall (researcher), Galice Creek Jim (consultant), Brian Sinclair (author), Michael Porter Nichols (author, translator, researcher), Isom Field (consultant), Bernie Pilcher (consultant), Sam Brown (consultant), Carolyn Knife Chief (consultant), L.G. Gates (researcher), Marcos Alejo (consultant), Sverre Johnsen (researcher), Peter Muggins (consultant), Della Prince (consultant), Martin Slate (author), Aileen Figueroa (consultant), Mrs. Fanny Melcher (consultant)
Languages: Eskimo, Lake Miwok, Eastern Pomo, Central Pomo, Southeastern Pomo, Northeastern Pomo, Kashaya, Southern Pomo, Northern Pomo, Pomo, Yana, Shasta, Miami, Eastern Ojibwa, Makah, Ditidaht, Yuki, Cahuilla, Luiseño, Diegueño, Gabrielino, Tubatulabal, Owens Valley Paiute, Yuma, Kickapoo, Shawnee, Ojibwa, Mesquakie, Hupa, Northern Paiute, Shoshone, Upper Coquille, Chipewyan, Kwalhioqua-Tlatskanie, Upper Umpqua, Tututni, Applegate, Tolowa, Quileute, Ventureño, Wakashan, Karkin, Suisun Patwin, Ngäbere, Klamath, Yurok, Karuk, Kalapuyan, Takelma, Apache, Kiowa, Tewa, Atakapa, Cahita, Chitimacha, Cocopa, Dakota, Gabrielino, Kiowa, Maidu, Maricopa, Mojave, Opata, Otomí, River Patwin, Piro, Seri, Tarahumara, Tewa, Tohono O'odham, Wappo, Yaqui, Yucatec, Wintuan, Cochimi', Northern Tepehuan, Coatlán-Loxicha Zapotec, Southeastern Pochutla Zapotec, San Agustín Mixtepec Zapotec, Juaneño, Chatino, Sierra de Juárez Zapotec, Isthmus Zapotec, Barbareño, Chumashan, Zapotec, Alabama, Arapaho, Arapaho, Gros Ventre, Northern Yukian, Eyak, Lower Umpqua, Kwak'wala, Squamish, Sechelt, Chimariko, Patwin, Tachi, Comanche, K'iche', Mayo, Miwok, Achumawi, Atsugewi, Modoc, Washo, Aymara, Quechuan, Sliammon, Panamint, Coicoyan Mixtec, Central Sierra Miwok, Kansa, Quapaw, Chasta Costa, Chinook Jargon, Alsea, Euchre Creek, Sixes, Galice, Chetco, Arikara, Pawnee, Caddo, Pawnee, Wichita, Hopi, Coast Yuki, Huchnom, Wiyot, Penutian, Utian, Yukian, Algic, Uto-Aztecan, Yokuts, Yawelmani, Wukchumni, Shastan, Coosan, Klamath-Modoc, Siuslaw-Lower Umpqua, Salishan, Oregon Athabaskan, Sahaptian, Numic, Chimakuan, Molalla, Micmac, Blackfoot, Choapan Zapotec, Upriver Halkomelem, Kutenai, Omaha-Ponca, Chickasaw, Siuslaw, Koso Shoshone, Karankawa, Huichol, Beaver, Koasati, Creek, Natchez, Hitchiti, Seminole, Choctaw, Sarsi, Crow, Mono, Osage, San Blas Kuna, Lakota, Chiricahua Apache, Hill Patwin, Konkow, Nahuatl, Navajo, Nez Perce, Tunica, Wintu, Nuu-chah-nulth, Zuni, Chukchansi, Muskogean, Tucanoan, Yuman, Paipai, Algonquian, Southern Wakashan, Popolocan, Obispeño, Western Apache, Nomlaki, English, Chochenyo, Salinan, Konomihu, Chunut, Esselen, Mutsun, Alsea, Ohlone, Island Chumash, Tamyen, Chalon, Rumsen, Ineseño, Coast Miwok, Potawatomi, Cupeño, Cupan, Huave, Yahi, Chilula, Dumna, Northern Sierra Miwok, Abenaki, Malecite-Passamaquoddy, Massachusett, Menominee, Mixtec, Q'anjob'al, Pacific Yupik, Northern Yana, Plains Miwok, Filomeno Mata-Coahuitlán Totonac, Western Keres, Kiliwa, Unami, Chippewa, Heiltsuk-Oowekyala, Southern Tutchone, Koyeti, Choynimni, Chawchila, Gashowu, Athabaskan, Saint Lucian Creole French, Máíhĩ̵̀kì, Tonkawa, Siouan, Southern Paiute, Delaware, Montagnais, Severn Ojibwa, Cree, Algonquin, Hualapai, Sioux, Tillamook, Yuchi, Guajiro
Scope and content: A collection for items from the Survey of California and Other Indian Languages that are not associated with any other collection.
Repository: Survey of California and Other Indian Languages
Preferred citation: Miscellaneous papers from the Survey of California and Other Indian Languages, SCL MISC, Survey of California and Other Indian Languages, University of California, Berkeley,
Access restrictions: unrestricted