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The Alfred L. Kroeber collection of American Indian sound recordings

Collection number: PHM 39
Primary contributor:  A.L. Kroeber (researcher)
Additional contributors:  Stone of Weitchpec (consultant), Weitchpec Susie (consultant), Hans Taraniy (consultant), Billy Werk (performer, consultant), Sarah Frank (consultant), Dick (consultant), Jacinta Gonzales (consultant), Kupahwai (performer), Mrs. Pekwon Jim (consultant), Minnie (consultant), Peter Luwilung (consultant), Sam (consultant), Mary Marshall (consultant), Maria Viviena Soto (consultant), Ralph Moore (consultant), Tom Niel (consultant), E.E. Chever (consultant), Kutene (consultant), Ishi (consultant), Chiyerekavasuk (consultant, performer), Barney of Sregon (consultant), Doctor of Pekwon (consultant), Lucky (consultant), Juanita (consultant), Tom Odock (consultant), Guy Howard (consultant), Kwathiheingehamalye (consultant), Long Charley (consultant), Gilbert Natchez (consultant), Captain Spott (performer, consultant), Leslie Wilbur (recorder), Achora Hanyava (performer, consultant), Bill Mellon (consultant), Aspasakam (consultant), Mrs. Knight (consultant), Captain Dave Numana (consultant), Namrik (consultant), Canon J.B. Good (consultant), Sam Garfield (consultant), Weitchpec Henry (performer, consultant), Hakwe (consultant), Fanny of Wohtekw (consultant), Umiits of Kepel (consultant), Jo Nelson (consultant), Salt Lake Pete (consultant), Domingo (performer, consultant), Eph Cummings (consultant), Sandy of Kenek (consultant), Dave Durban (consultant), Jackson Ames (speaker, consultant), Smoker (consultant), Weitchpec Frank (recorder, consultant), Weitchpec Nancy (performer, consultant), Ateyeg (performer), Johnny Cooper (consultant), Pekwon Jim (consultant, performer), Hawley of Meta (consultant), Mrs. Billy Werk (consultant), Molly Brainerd (consultant), Reuben Shoulder (consultant), Kunalye (performer)
Dates: 1902-1958
Scope and content: Linguistic field recordings: stories; linguistic data; songs/chants
Repository: Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology
Preferred citation: The Alfred L. Kroeber collection of American Indian sound recordings, PHM 39, Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley,
Access restrictions: various