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The Margaret Langdon collection of Diegueño sound recordings

Collection number: LA 1
Primary contributors:  Ted Couro (consultant), Margaret Langdon (researcher)
Additional contributors:  Ysabel Thing (consultant), Rosalie Robertson (consultant), Tony Pinto (consultant), Mrs. Baneges (consultant), Chris Pinto (consultant), Ortiz Lopez (consultant), Mathilda Osuna (consultant), Dolf Bersford (consultant), Fernando Kwaxa (consultant), Christina Hutcheson (consultant)
Language: Diegueño
Dates: 1963-1964
Scope and content: Linguistic field recordings: linguistic data; stories; ethnographic data; songs; additional ethnographic or ethnohistorical texts (some with Diegueño titles), conversation, reminiscences, untitled texts. Translation to or from English.; Digitization supported by NEH Preservation/Access Grant
Repository: Berkeley Language Center
Preferred citation: The Margaret Langdon collection of Diegueño sound recordings, LA 1, Berkeley Language Center, University of California, Berkeley,
Access restrictions: local access at UC Berkeley only (consult repository)